Frequently Asked Questions

To answer your questions about Coronado Stone Products along with how they can be used and installed, we have compiled this list of questions and answers.

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Q. Who is Coronado Stone Products?

A. Coronado Stone Products is the oldest manufacturer of stone veneer products in the industry. We have been developing and manufacturing stone veneer since 1959. Coronado Stone operates manufacturing plants in South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and three sites in California. We produce over 50 different varieties of Manufactured Stone Veneer which are available around the world.

Q. What does Coronado Stone offer?

A. We offer a wide selection of manufactured concrete stone veneer. Our products are easy to install, lightweight and have a significant price advantage over natural stone.

Stone Veneer Installation and Uses

Q. Should I color the mortar?

A. Installations are enhanced when mortar is tinted to compliment the stone color. Iron oxide mortar colors are available through most building material suppliers.

Q. Can Coronado's products be cut?

A. Yes, our stone products are easily trimmed using heavy-duty stone nipper or with a circular/masonry saw with a masonry blade. Please see our Installation Guides for further information.

Q. What substrate can Coronado's stone be installed on?

A. Coronado Stone products may be adhered to any properly prepared, clean, untreated and structurally sound substrate such as wood, cement board or masonry. Please see our Installation Guides for further information.

Q. How are Coronado Stone products adhered to wall surfaces?

A. Coronado Stone Products can be installed using multiple types of cement mortar over a properly prepared substrate. Please see Installation Guides for complete details.

Q. Can Coronado’s products be used on both exterior and interior applications?

A. Yes, our products are suitable for both exterior and interior applications.

Q. Can Coronado's products be used on fireplace facings or the wall behind a freestanding stove?

A. Yes, our products have been tested and classified to be a non-combustible material. Test results revealed zero flame spread and no smoke. Before installation around fireplace, please refer to the manufacturer's installation instructions as well as local building codes.

Q. Can Coronado’s products be used on walkways or patios?

A. Yes, we have floor tile designed specifically for flooring applications. Please consult your local Coronado Manufacturing Plant or Distributor for availability.

Q. Can Coronado’s products be installed near water?

A. It is not recommended that Coronado’s products be installed below a water line.  As with any lightweight concrete product, exposure to various chemicals (i.e. chlorine) can cause discoloration and fading over time.  Coronado Stone does not recommend using stone veneer in areas with cascading water (i.e. swimming pool, water fountain, etc.), even if a sealer has been applied. Cascading water increases wear and tear on stone veneer and such installations are not covered under Coronado’s 50-year limited warranty.

Q. Do Coronado Stone products meet Building Code Requirements?

A. Yes, our products comply with applicable building code requirements. Please refer to our ICC Report ESR-2598 for further information.

General Information

Q. How can I get cost information?

A. You can contact us directly at 800-847-8663, complete our Online Contact Form or contact your Local Distributor for cost details.

Q. How are Coronado's products sold?

A. Flat pieces are sold by the square foot. Corner pieces are sold by the linear foot. The Classic Series Tiles, hearthstones, trim and accessories are sold by the piece.

Q. How are Coronado’s products packaged?

A. Flats and Corners are available in two different packaging types Big Box (BB) and Dura-Pak (DP). A typical BB contains 100 to 150 Square Feet of Flats and 60 to 120 Linear Feet of Corners. A typical DP contains 10 to 20 Square Feet of Flats and 9 to 15 Linear Feet of Corners.

Q. What is the average thickness of Coronado’s stone?

A. Average thickness is 1-½" and can vary from 1" to 3" depending on texture. View our Product Specification Sheets for detailed information regarding a specific stone.

Q. How heavy are Coronado’s products?

A. Average weight ranges from 7 to 12 lbs. per square foot, depending on product. View our Product Specification Sheets for detailed information regarding a specific stone.

Q. How do Coronado’s products compare in cost with natural stone?

A. Cost varies from region to region, installed natural stone can cost between $22.00 and $27.00 a square foot, whereas Coronado's products have an average installed cost between $9.00 and $16.00 a square foot.

Q. How many product types are available?

A. We have over 50 stone veneer profiles and a wide variety of thin brick and accessories.

Q. Is this natural stone?

A. No, we produce manufactured stone veneer replicas (i.e. man made). The advantages include lighter weight material, ease of installation, availability and cost-advantage.

Q. What are Coronado's products made of?

A. Coronado's products are cast in molds from hand-selected natural stone, using a process which captures all the beautiful textures. Each product uses a unique blend of cement aggregates and iron oxide pigments. Upon close inspection our manufactured stones closely resemble their natural stone counterparts.

Q. Does the color go all the way through Coronado Stone Products?

A. Yes, a batch color is blended throughout the entire product. Color overtones are applied and integrated into the product during the casting process. Keep in mind, that since every stone is handmade, colors may vary slightly from a sample board.

Q. Will smoke damage my stone?

A. Smoke can stain natural stone and manufactured stone alike. To protect Coronado's products, sealing is recommended. Please see Coronado's Installation Guide for more details. To remove already existing smoke stains, please follow the instructions found in the Stone Veneer Maintenance Sheet.

Q. Will Coronado’s products fade?

A. Colors are integrated throughout our stone products during the casting process. Existing applications show no undesirable color change after years of various weather conditions. As with natural stone and brick, stone veneer also slightly fades, which is a natural process.

Q. What maintenance is required of Coronado’s products if any?

A. Periodic washing to remove surface dust and debris is all that is required (See Stone Veneer Maintenance Sheet). Most Coronado Stone Products are virtually maintenance free.

Warranty Information

Q. Are Coronado Stone Veneers covered under a warranty?

A. Coronado Stone wall veneers are covered for a period of 50 years from the date purchased, when used on a vertical structure which conforms to local building codes and when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Warranty coverage specifically excludes damage resulting from structure settlement and other types of wall movement; contact with paint or chemicals; discoloration due to contaminants; staining, oxidation and water damage. This Warranty covers only manufacturing defects in Coronado Stone wall veneers and is limited to the replacement or repair of defective materials only and does not cover the cost of removal or installation of defective products. This Warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is non-transferable to any subsequent owner.

Referrals and References

Q. Are there any installations in my area I can visit and examine?

A. Please contact your Local Coronado Facility or Dealer for more information of installations in your area.